Joseph is committed to his art, and he crafted a terrific mosaic of a New York Jets helmet for my husband. The piece, mounted in a frame, looked so impressive that our son asked if he could hang the art in his office. We continue to be inspired by Joseph’s multi-media work.”

– Mary Murphy, Journalist


 “Joseph is extremely talented. He made me my college logo and his attention to detail is amazing. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can make in the future.”
– Lauren Howard, Teacher

I was amazed when I saw what Joseph does.  He has such a talent and a creativity.  An art that I’ve never seen in my life.  I immediately asked him to do a portrait of my son and he did the most beautiful work of art.  We hung it on Andres’s wall and he loves to see it everyday.  Joseph is a beautiful soul and he reflects it in his amazing art.

– Sandra Echivarria, Movie Actress

This lego model of the White House is so meaningful to me because I started my career as a Social Studies teacher, then I received my law degree and now I am a school principal.  I will treasure this gift and put it on the shelf in my office for everyone to see.

– Dr. Baum, Principal

I first came to know Joseph when I provided services to his family through our nursery.  I was amazed to see his talent and invited him to participate in our Local Art Show which was held at the nursery. People loved Joseph’s art. His attention to detail and color choices are an outstanding characteristic of his work. My family has since purchased three collages and given them as gifts. The finished collage images a mosaic with a polished look. Captain America is presently displayed in my nursery gift shop. Thanks Joe, we love your work!

– Shawn Keane, Teacher and Nursery Owner

“I’m Sister Pat Manning, CSJ, former head of the art department at St. Joseph’s College. In that capacity, I had the opportunity, to teach Joseph Vitiello for several semesters. Courses included Calligraphy, Digital
Graphic Design and Design Workshop. It was immediately apparent that Joseph had innate
abilities which allowed him to integrate well with the course materials and with his fellow
students. Several of his projects earned him the honor of displaying his work in campus

– S. Patricia Manning, CSJ,

You have a very special unique and creative gift. “I was so delighted to receive the collage entitled:  ‘The Trumpet,’ as a Christmas gift.  Having been a musician for a good part of my professional career, I loved that you captured an image that is so close to my heart.  The way you presented the Trumpet on a background of musical notes highlighted by the colors you presented was outstanding!  I hung it in a very special place in my home and will always treasure the gift.  Thanks Joe, great job!

Ray Frobosilo,  Musician

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Joseph by his parents who were seeking art lessons. At the time, Joseph was working through his 3D animation program, and since then he has picked up digital illustration and graphic design. It’s been over 2 years now that Joseph and I have been working together and this guy is a 5 star student without a doubt. Hands down the hardest worker and he learns new skills with such a head strong attitude. Whether it is his digital art, collage art or even LEGO on Display models, Joseph executes every project with a high level of skill and determination. I hope I get the change to work with Joseph for as long as I can. I could not have asked for a more motivated student and I am proud to be able to call him my friend!”

– Coleman Reyna, Art Instructor and Animator

We couldn’t be happier with Joseph’s wonderful portrait of our dog, Buster.

Joseph’s portrait hangs on our living room wall and we’re reminded every day of how special he is to our family.  Joseph is such a great artist with unique talent and such attention to detail, that he really captured the essence of our beagles best features. Thank you Joseph and we wish you continued success with your business.”
– Theresa Jacovelli, ESL Teacher

While visiting Joseph and his family, I noticed Joseph’s artwork in his room and I was amazed! They were extraordinary, calming and unique. I especially enjoy the mosaic look to his pictures, so I asked him to do a “Hey Arnold” portrait for my family. I proudly display it in one of my bedrooms.

– Linda Hardin, Psychotherapist

“When I first saw Joseph’s work I immediately loved it.  Joseph gifted me with two collages and I hung them in my salon.  A day does not go by when a client doesn’t comment on the art.  They say the art creates a happy place and they love the look.  I love it too.  Thank you, Joseph and congratulations on launching your new business.

– Deborah, Artist and Stylist

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Thank you for your time and I really appreciate your review!

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